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Don't Miss Out on These Great Spring Deals from KV Pet!

Time for Spring Cleanup
Well the snow is gone (for most of us) and if you haven't done it already it's time for a good spring cleaning in your yard. For most dog owners that means it's time to clean up all the dog waste that was covered up by the snow and is now degrading out on your lawn. Read More >

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Don't Miss Out on These Great Spring Deals from KV Equine!

Best Parasite Management Practices for Horses
It's normal for horses to carry a few parasites in their system. And if kept under control with de-wormers, most parasites will not cause harm. If the infestation goes untreated, however, your horse could suffer from poor health or eventually irreversible damage.

Types of Worms
As a horse owner, the battle against internal parasites is constant. And knowing which parasites you are fighting is half the battle. There are several different types of worms, for example Read More >

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