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  • Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock Advantra Z - 60 ct
Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock Advantra Z - 60 ct
Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock Advantra Z - 60 ct
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  • Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock Advantra Z - 60 ct

Advantra Z - 60 ct

From Natures Benefit
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For someone looking for a natural weight loss supplement - that has been researched to show no side effects and can help to burn fat without the jitters!

Advantra Z is a natural safe alternative.

This product is an extract of a citrus fruit (C. uranium) containing a family of indirect-acting adrenergic amines (B-sympathicomimetics) that facilitate utilization of energy substrates, stimulate metabolic processes, favor uptake of amino acids into muscles, increase lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and can exert mild hunger-suppressant effects. Advantra Z is currently the only patented citrus aurantium extract for weight loss and physical performance on the market today.

Since the amines in Advantra Z are not as lipophilic as those in ma huang/ephedrine, they do not readily cross the blood/brain barrier. In fact, the unique amine composition in Advantra Z prefers retention in the periphery rather than passage into the brain. Additionally, research shows that Advantra Z stimulates beta-2 cell receptors with minimal impact on alpha 1,2 and beta 1,2 receptors, which means that Advantra Z increases the metabolic rate without affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use:
1 cap twice daily with 8 oz of pure water. Combine with diet, exercise, and lifestyle change for weight control. Nutritional supplement to increase metabolic rate, thermo genesis and lean muscle mass in healthy adults.

Proprietary blend of 600 mg of citrus uranium extract standardized for 60 mg of p-synerphrine content with green tea (camellia sinensis) 50% polyphenols 400 mg.

Do not use in childhood or pregnancy, hypertension or states of cardiovascular or stroke risk. Do not combine with monoamine oxidase inhibitors, or cough and cold remedies containing amines. Check with a physician for comprehensive advise on weight control and use of supplements.

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Advantra Z - 60 ct

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