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Images for ArthriMAXX for Dogs - 32 oz. bottle
  • Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock ArthriMAXX for Dogs - 32 oz. bottle
Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock ArthriMAXX for Dogs - 32 oz. bottle
Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock ArthriMAXX for Dogs - 32 oz. bottle
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  • Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock ArthriMAXX for Dogs - 32 oz. bottle

ArthriMAXX for Dogs - 32 oz. bottle

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  • Description
ArthriMAXX™ Liquid for Dogs is a combination of highly effective, natural ingredients specifically formulated for dogs with joint ailments. A powerful combination of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and nutraceuticals brings your dog the best of science and nature to stop joint destruction and promote joint repair for dogs suffering from arthritis, dysplasia, accidents and old age. It"s an easy to use liquid that can be poured on your dog"s wet or dry food.

Glucosamine HCL - helps form all the major cushioning ingredients needed to repair the breakdown and inflammation of the joint fluids.
Chondroitin Sulfate - builds and supports the basic substance of cartilage by attracting the necessary fluid and nutrients needed for joint health and helps to block the destructive enzymes that break down the cartilage in the joints.
MSM - a vital nutrient which increases blood circulation and is a natural anti-inflammatory which promotes joint healing and overall good health.
Ester C - a non-acidic form of Vitamin C (and therefore gentle to the stomach) and has metabolites that have been shown to enhance delivery and helps it stay in the system longer; strengthens the immune system, supports joints and connective tissues and is essential for the formation and maintenance of collagen.
AstaREAL® Astaxanthin
- a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, over 100 times more powerful than vitamin E.
- a carotenoid pigment made from marine microalgae under strict laboratory conditions and is used to neutralize effects on inflammation and oxidative damage. It is patented to reduce muscle fatigue by 60% and is considered one of the newest innovative nutritional supplements available today.
Aloe Vera
- has healing properties that combat inflammation and swelling. As an anesthetic it eases pain and enhances blood flow to the inflamed areas.
- essential for normal bone structure and normal nerve function. It can help neutralize free radicals and stimulate the growth of connective tissue.

ArthriMAXX™ Liquid for Dogs is cold processed to insure higher absorption and is made in an FDA, cGMP, pharmaceutically-licensed facility using all USA made, human-grade ingredients. There is no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, corn, milk or soy derivatives and no animal protein in the flavoring.

ArthriMAXX™ for Dogs is used by prestigious animal hospitals and veterinary specialists and has been prescribed by veterinarians for over 9 years. Animal Nutritional Products are 100% guaranteed.

Contents per 15 ml:
glucosamine HCl.750 mg
chondroitin sulfate.500 mg
MSM.750 mg
vitamin C.175 mg
aloe vera.300 mg
manganese.10 mg
astaxanthin.1 mg

Shake well and refrigerate after opening.
Pour over wet or dry dog food.
1/4 oz daily for dogs under 10 lbs
1/2 oz daily for 11-24 lbs
3/4 oz for dogs 25-49 lbs
1 1/4 oz for dogs 50-100 lbs
1 1/2 oz for dogs over 100 lbs.

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ArthriMAXX for Dogs - 32 oz. bottle

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