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Best Tips for Owners with Destructive Dogs

Who knew tornados could form inside your house? We've all laughed at the home video shows where dogs have created total chaos inside a house. But if you're an owner of a destructive dog, you're well aware that a canine storm front can cause more damage than $10,000 in prize money can possibly fix.

Every dog has the capability to cause destruction. It's in a dog's nature to chew for instance. Recognizing some of the common reasons for destructive behavior is the first step to begin correcting the problem.

Just like people, dogs can become stressed. And just like people, dogs deal with stress in different ways. One of the ways dogs relieve stress is to chew. Other signs of stress can include persistent barking and uncontrolled urination (especially in house-broken dogs). Separation anxiety from a change in your schedule, an addition to your family or house guests are just some of the reasons your dog can become stressed.

TIP: Try to identify stressful situations for your dog early on and prepare them. For instance if your personal work schedule is changing, try to prepare your dog by leaving for short periods of time a week or so earlier. Gradually making the change in schedule can help your dog adjust. And introducing some new toys can help entertain your dog while you are gone. Using a calming supplement or an anxiety wrap may help your dog accept change.

Most dogs are social by nature. If your dog is alone for a long period of time he will likely get bored. And most dogs deal with boredom by chewing on things.

TIP: If you must keep your dog inside while you're away, make sure there are enough approved entertaining toys to keep them busy. You may also want to consider a treat dispenser.

Some dogs can be very energetic. Many small dogs pack a lot of energy and some large dogs can also be very active and do require a lot more space to move around in. And we all know how puppies can wear down even the most patient owners.

TIP: Take your dog for frequent walks or let them get plenty of exercise outdoors every day. This will help them expend some of their energy and cut down on destructive behaviors. Feed a grain free dog food! High glycemic ingredients tend to feed the energy cycle.

Dogs can be easily startled by things like loud noises, sirens and fireworks. Some dogs can be very fearful of strangers or other dogs. Even dogs that are normally calm can become destructive when they experience fear.

TIP: During holidays like the 4th of July or during parties or family gatherings, make sure you prepare a place to keep your dog removed from the noise and commotion. Keeping your dog in a confined space like a kennel, using an anxiety wrap or a homeopathic may also be beneficial.

All dogs have a natural instinct to chew, especially puppies.

TIP: If you're dog is a "chewer", be sure to have plenty of sturdy chew dental bones available for entertainment.

There are many reasons why your dog can become destructive. But with some early recognition, preparation and enough stimulation you can help prevent your dog from becoming a canine tornado.