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  • Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock Energy Plus - 120 Count
Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock Energy Plus - 120 Count
Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock Energy Plus - 120 Count
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  • Pet Supplies Meds Dog Cat Horse livestock Energy Plus - 120 Count

Energy Plus - 120 Count

by Pure Essence Labs
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For anyone who needs more energy, but wants to avoid the dangers of stimulants.

•Energy is produced in cells throughout your body. Thus, if you are energy deficient, it is because your cells are not working as they should. In such cases, most people turn to stimulants which further undermine cellular integrity. While stimulants might help you stay awake when you're exhausted, they will, in the long run, drain energy and destroy health. Energy is such a problem in our modern world, not only because of stress and lifestyle, but because our foods lack the nutrients they once contained. They are already "dead" when we eat them.

•Energy reflects the holistic reality that the body can produce abundant energy only when all its systems - and all its cells -work in perfect harmony. Through its blend of Superior Tonic Herbs, Energy Plus energizes and repairs cells throughout the body, so that they can more efficiently make energy of their own. The result is clean, clear energy - the kind you had as a child.

•Because Energy Plus improves the functions of cells in every organ system and the blood, it not only increases energy, but builds health in general. Thus, it supports immunity, enhances mental focus, improves the hair, skin and nails, etc. With consistent use, you may notice many things begin to improve.

•You will not notice stimulant effects, jitters, lack of ability to sleep, etc. that comes from caffeine, ephedra, guarana, yohimbe, etc.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use:
2 tablets, once or twice daily as desired. For best results, use 1 to 2 hours before energy levels normally wane.
Organic Spirulina 1,000 mg
Gynostemma 225 mg
Lycium fruit 150 mg
Eucommia bark 135 mg
Salvia root 100 mg
Eleuthero root 100 mg
Schizandra fruit 90 mg
Codonopsis root 90 mg
Astragalus root 75 mg
Cornus fruit 75 mg
Rehmannia root 50 mg
White Peony root 50 mg
Zizyphus seed 50 mg
Reishi mushroom 45 mg
Aged citrus peel 25 mg
BioPerine 3 mg

Other ingredients:
Cellulose, L-Leucine,Silica Dioxide.

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Energy Plus - 120 Count

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