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Managing Mud Season!

The warmer weather brings melting snow and spring rains, which can make for some muddy horses. Then there are the messy challenges, health risks, and trying to deal with it all.

At we have effective products that can help manage the muck for your horse, plus a few tips along the way!

Healthy Hooves

Keeping your horse’s feet healthy is key to keeping him sound. Continually wet feet are more vulnerable to issues.


Tip: Clean your horse’s feet daily using tools to access mud that accumulates in the cracks.

Grooming Solutions

If your horse is turned out in mud, grooming his or her legs daily is the most important thing to do to prevent mud fever. This unpleasant dermatitis causes a great deal of discomfort for a horse, resulting in inflammation, swelling, and scabs. If left untreated, a more severe health risk will develop, requiring a vet’s attention.


Tip: When grooming, carefully inspect each leg for any red skin or scabs, as these can be an early sign of mud fever.

Comfortable Care

The most common diseases and ailments associated with muddy conditions are thrush, hoof abscesses, and hoof cracks. In any instance where your vet recommends more advanced care to help heal the problem, we have a wide variety of hoof care items to help.

Tip: Hooves grow faster in spring, so trim more often. A well-trimmed foot will self-clean more efficiently, while keeping the crevices open helps prevent build-up.

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Seasonal Prevention Wrap-Up

As the season’s rainy weather is upon us, be sure to keep a close watch on your horse’s feet. Diligent farrier care is essential to helping prevent any moisture-related issues from happening. Don’t put a damper on your riding plans or your horse’s comfort!

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