Durango Mens Rebel Pro Sq Boots


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Product Summary:

Durango Mens Rebel Pro Square Boots

This is the men's 12" Flaxen Brown Durango® Rebel Pro™ style.

It's full grain leather with a soft mesh lining inside and has the Durango® X-Pand System™ which is a hidden gore expansion for universal fit and easy on off. This style contains a comfortable 7-layer outsole system.

The first layer is the Durango® Triple X-treme comfort removable polyurethane footbed with memory foam for unparalleled comfort.

The second layer is an EVA cushion layer that contours and molds to your foot.

The third layer is a ¾ genuine Goodyear welt construction and a genuine leather welt with double row cotton stitch.

The fourth layer is a two-layer innersole with a flexible full-length bottom and stabilizing rigid ¾ heel tuck.

The third layer is a ¾ genuine Goodyear welt construction and a genuine leather welt with double row cotton stitch.

The fourth layer is a two-layer innersole with a flexible full-length bottom and stabilizing rigid ¾ heel tuck.

The fifth layer is the Dually Shank System™ which contains two fiberglass shanks for medial and lateral torsion stability and midfoot support. The little-way stitch binds the outsole, heel tuck, and upper for absolute durability.

The sixth layer is the ABS heel base which is nailed-weight relieved for lightweight durability.

The seventh layer is the slip, oil and abrasion resistant rubber outsole that offers instant gratification. The 1 ½" rocker heel lessens stress by promoting a more natural heel strike and the rolled shank area is perfect for


Dually Shank System™

The Dually Shank System™ is comprised of two fiberglass shanks that help with twice the torsion stability and midfoot support.


·         Square toe

·         Full-grain leather

·         Rolled shank area

·         1 1/2" Rocker heel

·         Soft mesh lining

·         Slip, oil and abrasion resistant rubber outsole

·         Cushion flex insole with rigid rear foot stabilizer

·         Littleway shank stitch for ultimate durability

·         3/4 genuine Goodyear welt construction

·         Genuine leather welt with double row cotton stitch

·         Durable and rigid nailed

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
7 D Brown Flax E032830 7D BRF DDB0221/7M 718562932478
7 D Dark Brown E032830 7D DBR DDB0217/7M 718562932393
7 D Green E032830 7D GRN DDB0228/7M 718562932577
7 D Orange E032830 7D ORG DDB0230/7M 718562932652
7 D Red E032830 7D RED DDB0222/7M 718562933314
7.5 D Brown Flax E032830 75D BRF DDB0221/7.5M 718562932485
7.5 D Dark Brown E032830 75D DBR DDB0217/7.5M 718562932409
7.5 D Green E032830 75D GRN DDB0228/7.5M 718562932584
7.5 D Orange E032830 75D ORG DDB0230/7.5M 718562932669
7.5 D Red E032830 75D RED DDB0222/7.5M 718562933321
8 D Brown Flax E032830 8D BRF DDB0221/8M 718562919622
8 D Dark Brown E032830 8D DBR DDB0217/8M 718562921229
8 D Green E032830 8D GRN DDB0228/8M 718562919844
8 D Orange E032830 8D ORG DDB0230/8M 718562920420
8 D Red E032830 8D RED DDB0222/8M 718562920154
8.5 D Brown Flax E032830 85D BRF DDB0221/8.5M 718562919639
8.5 D Dark Brown E032830 85D DBR DDB0217/8.5M 718562921236
8.5 D Green E032830 85D GRN DDB0228/8.5M 718562919851
8.5 D Orange E032830 85D ORG DDB0230/8.5M 718562920437
8.5 D Red E032830 85D RED DDB0222/8.5M 718562920161
9 D Brown Flax E032830 9D BRF DDB0221/9M 718562919660
9 D Dark Brown E032830 9D DBR DDB0217/9M 718562921243
9 D Green E032830 9D GRN DDB0228/9M 718562919868
9 D Orange E032830 9D ORG DDB0230/9M 718562920444
9 D Red E032830 9D RED DDB0222/9M 718562920178
9.5 D Brown Flax E032830 95D BRF DDB0221/9.5M 718562919677
9.5 D Dark Brown E032830 95D DBR DDB0217/9.5M 718562921250
9.5 D Green E032830 95D GRN DDB0228/9.5M 718562919875
9.5 D Orange E032830 95D ORG DDB0230/9.5M 718562920451
9.5 D Red E032830 95D RED DDB0222/9.5M 718562920185
10 D Brown Flax E032830 10D BRF DDB0221/10M 718562919684
10 D Dark Brown E032830 10D DBR DDB0217/10M 718562921267
10 D Green E032830 10D GRN DDB0228/10M 718562919882
10 D Orange E032830 10D ORG DDB0230/10M 718562920758
10 D Red E032830 10D RED DDB0222/10M 718562920192
10.5 D Brown Flax E032830 105D BRF DDB0221/10.5M 718562919691
10.5 D Dark Brown E032830 105D DBR DDB0217/10.5M 718562921274
10.5 D Green E032830 105D GRN DDB0228/10.5M 718562919936
10.5 D Orange E032830 105D ORG DDB0230/10.5M 718562920765
10.5 D Red E032830 105D RED DDB0222/10.5M 718562920208
11 D Brown Flax E032830 11D BRF DDB0221/11M 718562919707
11 D Dark Brown E032830 11D DBR DDB0217/11M 718562921281
11 D Green E032830 11D GRN DDB0228/11M 718562919967
11 D Orange E032830 11D ORG DDB0230/11M 718562920772
11 D Red E032830 11D RED DDB0222/11M 718562920215
11.5 D Brown Flax E032830 115D BRF DDB0221/11.5M 718562919714
11.5 D Dark Brown E032830 115D DBR DDB0217/11.5M 718562921298
11.5 D Green E032830 115D GRN DDB0228/11.5M 718562919974
11.5 D Orange E032830 115D ORG DDB0230/11.5M 718562920789
11.5 D Red E032830 115D RED DDB0222/11.5M 718562920222
12 D Brown Flax E032830 12D BRF DDB0221/12M 718562919721
12 D Dark Brown E032830 12D DBR DDB0217/12M 718562921304
12 D Green E032830 12D GRN DDB0228/12M 718562919981
12 D Orange E032830 12D ORG DDB0230/12M 718562920796
12 D Red E032830 12D RED DDB0222/12M 718562920239
13 D Brown Flax E032830 13D BRF DDB0221/13M 718562919738
13 D Dark Brown E032830 13D DBR DDB0217/13M 718562921311
13 D Green E032830 13D GRN DDB0228/13M 718562919998
13 D Orange E032830 13D ORG DDB0230/13M 718562920802
13 D Red E032830 13D RED DDB0222/13M 718562920253
7 EE Brown Flax E032830 7EE BRF DDB0221/7W 718562932539
14 D Dark Brown E032830 14D DBR DDB0217/14M 718562932416
14 D Green E032830 14D GRN DDB0228/14M 718562932591
14 D Orange E032830 14D ORG DDB0230/14M 718562932676
14 D Red E032830 14D RED DDB0222/14M 718562933338
7.5 EE Brown Flax E032830 75EE BRF DDB0221/7.5W 718562932546
15 D Dark Brown E032830 15D DBR DDB0217/15M 718562932423
15 D Green E032830 15D GRN DDB0228/15M 718562932607
15 D Orange E032830 15D ORG DDB0230/15M 718562932683
15 D Red E032830 15D RED DDB0222/15M 718562933345
8 EE Brown Flax E032830 8EE BRF DDB0221/8W 718562919745
7 EE Dark Brown E032830 7EE DBR DDB0217/7W 718562932430
7 EE Green E032830 7EE GRN DDB0228/7W 718562932614
7 EE Orange E032830 7EE ORG DDB0230/7W 718562932690
7 EE Red E032830 7EE RED DDB0222/7W 718562933352
8.5 EE Brown Flax E032830 85EE BRF DDB0221/8.5W 718562919752
7.5 EE Dark Brown E032830 75EE DBR DDB0217/7.5W 718562932447
7.5 EE Green E032830 75EE GRN DDB0228/7.5W 718562932621
7.5 EE Orange E032830 75EE ORG DDB0230/7.5W 718562932706
7.5 EE Red E032830 75EE RED DDB0222/7.5W 718562933369
9 EE Brown Flax E032830 9EE BRF DDB0221/9W 718562919769
8 EE Dark Brown E032830 8EE DBR DDB0217/8W 718562921328
8 EE Green E032830 8EE GRN DDB0228/8W 718562920000
8 EE Orange E032830 8EE ORG DDB0230/8W 718562920819
8 EE Red E032830 8EE RED DDB0222/8W 718562920260
9.5 EE Brown Flax E032830 95EE BRF DDB0221/9.5W 718562919776
8.5 EE Dark Brown E032830 85EE DBR DDB0217/8.5W 718562921335
8.5 EE Green E032830 85EE GRN DDB0228/8.5W 718562920062
8.5 EE Orange E032830 85EE ORG DDB0230/8.5W 718562920826
8.5 EE Red E032830 85EE RED DDB0222/8.5W 718562920277
10 EE Brown Flax E032830 10EE BRF DDB0221/10W 718562919783
9 EE Dark Brown E032830 9EE DBR DDB0217/9W 718562921342
9 EE Green E032830 9EE GRN DDB0228/9W 718562920079
9 EE Orange E032830 9EE ORG DDB0230/9W 718562920833
9 EE Red E032830 9EE RED DDB0222/9W 718562920284
10.5 EE Brown Flax E032830 105EE BRF DDB0221/10.5W 718562919790
9.5 EE Dark Brown E032830 95EE DBR DDB0217/9.5W 718562921359
9.5 EE Green E032830 95EE GRN DDB0228/9.5W 718562920086
9.5 EE Orange E032830 95EE ORG DDB0230/9.5W 718562920840
9.5 EE Red E032830 95EE RED DDB0222/9.5W 718562920291
11 EE Brown Flax E032830 11EE BRF DDB0221/11W 718562919806
10 EE Dark Brown E032830 10EE DBR DDB0217/10W 718562921373
10 EE Green E032830 10EE GRN DDB0228/10W 718562920093
10 EE Orange E032830 10EE ORG DDB0230/10W 718562920857
10 EE Red E032830 10EE RED DDB0222/10W 718562920307
11.5 EE Brown Flax E032830 115EE BRF DDB0221/11.5W 718562919813
10.5 EE Dark Brown E032830 105EE DBR DDB0217/10.5W 718562921380
10.5 EE Green E032830 105EE GRN DDB0228/10.5W 718562920109
10.5 EE Orange E032830 105EE ORG DDB0230/10.5W 718562920864
10.5 EE Red E032830 105EE RED DDB0222/10.5W 718562920314
12 EE Brown Flax E032830 12EE BRF DDB0221/12W 718562919820
11 EE Dark Brown E032830 11EE DBR DDB0217/11W 718562921410
11 EE Green E032830 11EE GRN DDB0228/11W 718562920116
11 EE Orange E032830 11EE ORG DDB0230/11W 718562920871
11 EE Red E032830 11EE RED DDB0222/11W 718562920321
13 EE Brown Flax E032830 13EE BRF DDB0221/13W 718562919837
11.5 EE Dark Brown E032830 115EE DBR DDB0217/11.5W 718562921427
11.5 EE Green E032830 115EE GRN DDB0228/11.5W 718562920123
11.5 EE Orange E032830 115EE ORG DDB0230/11.5W 718562920888
11.5 EE Red E032830 115EE RED DDB0222/11.5W 718562920338
12 EE Dark Brown E032830 12EE DBR DDB0217/12W 718562921434
12 EE Green E032830 12EE GRN DDB0228/12W 718562920130
12 EE Orange E032830 12EE ORG DDB0230/12W 718562920895
12 EE Red E032830 12EE RED DDB0222/12W 718562920345
13 EE Dark Brown E032830 13EE DBR DDB0217/13W 718562921441
13 EE Green E032830 13EE GRN DDB0228/13W 718562920147
13 EE Orange E032830 13EE ORG DDB0230/13W 718562920901
13 EE Red E032830 13EE RED DDB0222/13W 718562920352
14 EE Dark Brown E032830 14EE DBR DDB0217/14W 718562932454
14 EE Green E032830 14EE GRN DDB0228/14W 718562932638
14 EE Orange E032830 14EE ORG DDB0230/14W 718562932713
14 EE Red E032830 14EE RED DDB0222/14W 718562933376
15 EE Dark Brown E032830 15EE DBR DDB0217/15W 718562932461
15 EE Green E032830 15EE GRN DDB0228/15W 718562932645
15 EE Orange E032830 15EE ORG DDB0230/15W 718562932720
15 EE Red E032830 15EE RED DDB0222/15W 718562933383
7 D Brown E032830 7D BRN DDB0292/7 D 193715090272
7.5 D Brown E032830 75D BRN DDB0292/7.5 D 193715090289
8 D Brown E032830 8D BRN DDB0292/8 D 193715090296
8.5 D Brown E032830 85D BRN DDB0292/8.5 D 193715090302
9 D Brown E032830 9D BRN DDB0292/9 D 193715090319
9.5 D Brown E032830 95D BRN DDB0292/9.5 D 193715090326
10 D Brown E032830 10D BRN DDB0292/10 D 193715090333
10.5 D Brown E032830 105D BRN DDB0292/10.5 D 193715090340
11 D Brown E032830 11D BRN DDB0292/11 D 193715090357
11.5 D Brown E032830 115D BRN DDB0292/11.5 D 193715090364
12 D Brown E032830 12D BRN DDB0292/12 D 193715090371
13 D Brown E032830 13D BRN DDB0292/13 D 193715090388
14 D Brown E032830 14D BRN
15 D Brown E032830 15D BRN
7 EE Brown E032830 7EE BRN DDB0292/7 EE 193715090395
7.5 EE Brown E032830 75EE BRN DDB0292/7.5 EE 193715090401
8 EE Brown E032830 8EE BRN DDB0292/8 EE 193715090418
8.5 EE Brown E032830 85EE BRN DDB0292/8.5 EE 193715090425
9 EE Brown E032830 9EE BRN DDB0292/9 EE 193715090432
10.5 EE Brown E032830 105EE BRN DDB0292/10.5 EE 193715090463
9.5 EE Brown E032830 95EE BRN DDB0292/9.5 EE 193715090449
10 EE Brown E032830 10EE BRN DDB0292/10 EE 193715090456
11 EE Brown E032830 11EE BRN DDB0292/11 EE 193715090470
11.5 EE Brown E032830 115EE BRN DDB0292/11.5 EE 193715090487
13 EE Brown E032830 13EE BRN DDB0292/13 EE 193715090500
12 EE Brown E032830 12EE BRN DDB0292/12 EE 193715090494
14 EE Brown E032830 14EE BRN
15 EE Brown E032830 15EE BRN
7 D Tan E032830 7D TAN DDB0290/7 D 193715089009
7.5 D Tan E032830 75D TAN DDB0290/7.5 D 193715089016
8 D Tan E032830 8D TAN DDB0290/8 D 193715089023
8.5 D Tan E032830 85D TAN DDB0290/8.5 D 193715089030
9 D Tan E032830 9D TAN DDB0290/9 D 193715089047
9.5 D Tan E032830 95D TAN DDB0290/9.5 D 193715089054
10 D Tan E032830 10D TAN DDB0290/10 D 193715089061
10.5 D Tan E032830 105D TAN DDB0290/10.5 D 193715089078
11 D Tan E032830 11D TAN DDB0290/11 D 193715089085
11.5 D Tan E032830 115D TAN DDB0290/11.5 D 193715089092
12 D Tan E032830 12D TAN DDB0290/12 D 193715089108
13 D Tan E032830 13D TAN DDB0290/13 D 193715089115
14 D Tan E032830 14D TAN
15 D Tan E032830 15D TAN
7 EE Tan E032830 7EE TAN DDB0290/7 EE 193715089122
7.5 EE Tan E032830 75EE TAN DDB0290/7.5 EE 193715089139
8 EE Tan E032830 8EE TAN DDB0290/8 EE 193715089146
8.5 EE Tan E032830 85EE TAN DDB0290/8.5 EE 193715089153
9 EE Tan E032830 9EE TAN DDB0290/9 EE 193715089160
10.5 EE Tan E032830 105EE TAN DDB0290/10.5 EE 193715089191
9.5 EE Tan E032830 95EE TAN DDB0290/9.5 EE 193715089177
10 EE Tan E032830 10EE TAN DDB0290/10 EE 193715089184
11 EE Tan E032830 11EE TAN DDB0290/11 EE 193715089207
11.5 EE Tan E032830 115EE TAN DDB0290/11.5 EE 193715089214
13 EE Tan E032830 13EE TAN DDB0290/13 EE 193715089238
12 EE Tan E032830 12EE TAN DDB0290/12 EE 193715089221
. Tan E032830 . TAN
14 EE Tan E032830 14EE TAN
15 EE Tan E032830 15EE TAN
7 D Black E032830 7D BLK DDB0291/7 D 193715092986
7.5 D Black E032830 75D BLK DDB0291/7.5 D 193715092993
8 D Black E032830 8D BLK DDB0291/8 D 193715093006
8.5 D Black E032830 85D BLK DDB0291/8.5 D 193715093013
9 D Black E032830 9D BLK DDB0291/9 D 193715093020
9.5 D Black E032830 95D BLK DDB0291/9.5 D 193715093037
10 D Black E032830 10D BLK DDB0291/10 D 193715093044
10.5 D Black E032830 105D BLK DDB0291/10.5 D 193715093051
11 D Black E032830 11D BLK DDB0291/11 D 193715093068
11.5 D Black E032830 115D BLK DDB0291/11.5 D 193715093075
12 D Black E032830 12D BLK DDB0291/12 D 193715093082
13 D Black E032830 13D BLK DDB0291/13 D 193715093099
14 D Black E032830 14D BLK
15 D Black E032830 15D BLK
7 EE Black E032830 7EE BLK DDB0291/7 EE 193715093105
7.5 EE Black E032830 75EE BLK DDB0291/7.5 EE 193715093112
8 EE Black E032830 8EE BLK DDB0291/8 EE 193715093129
8.5 EE Black E032830 85EE BLK DDB0291/8.5 EE 193715093136
9 EE Black E032830 9EE BLK DDB0291/9 EE 193715093143
10.5 EE Black E032830 105EE BLK DDB0291/10.5 EE 193715093174
9.5 EE Black E032830 95EE BLK DDB0291/9.5 EE 193715093150
10 EE Black E032830 10EE BLK DDB0291/10 EE 193715093167
11 EE Black E032830 11EE BLK DDB0291/11 EE 193715093181
11.5 EE Black E032830 115EE BLK DDB0291/11.5 EE 193715093198
13 EE Black E032830 13EE BLK DDB0291/13 EE 193715093211
12 EE Black E032830 12EE BLK DDB0291/12 EE 193715093204
. Black E032830 . BLK
14 EE Black E032830 14EE BLK
15 EE Black E032830 15EE BLK
7 D Teal E032830 7D TEA DDB0293/7 D 193715100452
7.5 D Teal E032830 75D TEA DDB0293/7.5 D 193715100469
8 D Teal E032830 8D TEA DDB0293/8 D 193715100476
8.5 D Teal E032830 85D TEA DDB0293/8.5 D 193715100483
9 D Teal E032830 9D TEA DDB0293/9 D 193715100490
9.5 D Teal E032830 95D TEA DDB0293/9.5 D 193715100506
10 D Teal E032830 10D TEA DDB0293/10 D 193715100513
10.5 D Teal E032830 105D TEA DDB0293/10.5 D 193715100520
11 D Teal E032830 11D TEA DDB0293/11 D 193715100537
11.5 D Teal E032830 115D TEA DDB0293/11.5 D 193715100544
12 D Teal E032830 12D TEA DDB0293/12 D 193715100551
13 D Teal E032830 13D TEA DDB0293/13 D 193715100568
14 D Teal E032830 14D TEA
15 D Teal E032830 15D TEA
7 EE Teal E032830 7EE TEA DDB0293/7 EE 193715100575
7.5 EE Teal E032830 75EE TEA DDB0293/7.5 EE 193715100582
8 EE Teal E032830 8EE TEA DDB0293/8 EE 193715100599
8.5 EE Teal E032830 85EE TEA DDB0293/8.5 EE 193715100605
9 EE Teal E032830 9EE TEA DDB0293/9 EE 193715100612
10.5 EE Teal E032830 105EE TEA DDB0293/10.5 EE 193715100643
9.5 EE Teal E032830 95EE TEA DDB0293/9.5 EE 193715100629
10 EE Teal E032830 10EE TEA DDB0293/10 EE 193715100636
11 EE Teal E032830 11EE TEA DDB0293/11 EE 193715100650
11.5 EE Teal E032830 115EE TEA DDB0293/11.5 EE 193715100667
13 EE Teal E032830 13EE TEA DDB0293/13 EE 193715100681
12 EE Teal E032830 12EE TEA DDB0293/12 EE 193715100674
. Teal E032830 . TEA
14 EE Teal E032830 14EE TEA
15 EE Teal E032830 15EE TEA

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