FITS Dog Coats


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Product Summary:

FITS Dog Coats

The FITS dog coat is a dirt-resistant, waterproof, and breathable jacket that will keep your furry best friend cozy in all weather. With reflective detailing, your dog will remain visible all hours of the day. A turtle-neck with adjustable elastic provides protection from the elements.


  • 600 Denier polyester ripstop 200 GSM poly fill
  • Quick dry lining
  • Reflective details
  • Full under belly coverage
  • Turtle neck
  • Leash access hole
  • Adjustable elastic neck with toggle
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
XXS Sand Check E023159 XXS SND E023159 XXS SND 617529580380
XS Sand Check E023159 XS SND E023159 XS SND 617529580397
S Sand Check E023159 S SND E023159 S SND 617529580403
M Sand Check E023159 M SND E023159 M SND 617529580410
L Sand Check E023159 L SND E023159 L SND 617529580427
XL Sand Check E023159 XL SND E023159 XL SND 617529580434
XXL Sand Check E023159 XXL SND E023159 XXL SND 617529580441
XXXL Sand Check E023159 XXXL SND E023159 XXXL SND 617529580458
XXS Sand Check/Plum E023159 XXS SPM E023159 XXS SPM 617529580465
XS Sand Check/Plum E023159 XS SPM E023159 XS SPM 617529580472
S Sand Check/Plum E023159 S SPM E023159 S SPM 617529580489
M Sand Check/Plum E023159 M SPM E023159 M SPM 617529580496
L Sand Check/Plum E023159 L SPM E023159 L SPM 617529580502
XL Sand Check/Plum E023159 XL SPM E023159 XL SPM 617529580519
XXL Sand Check/Plum E023159 XXL SPM E023159 XXL SPM 617529580526
XXXL Sand Check/Plum E023159 XXXL SPM E023159 XXXL SPM 617529580533
XXS Blue Plaid/Turq E023159 XXS BPT E023159 XXS BPT 617529582384
XS Blue Plaid/Turq E023159 XS BPT E023159 XS BPT 617529582391
S Blue Plaid/Turq E023159 S BPT E023159 S BPT 617529582407
M Blue Plaid/Turq E023159 M BPT E023159 M BPT 617529582414
L Blue Plaid/Turq E023159 L BPT E023159 L BPT 617529582421
XL Blue Plaid/Turq E023159 XL BPT E023159 XL BPT 617529582438
XXL Blue Plaid/Turq E023159 XXL BPT E023159 XXL BPT 617529582445
XXXL Blue Plaid/Turq E023159 XXXL BPT E023159 XXXL BPT 617529582452
XXS Navy/Red Plaid E023159 XXS NRP E023159 XXS NRP 617529582469
XS Navy/Red Plaid E023159 XS NRP E023159 XS NRP 617529582476
S Navy/Red Plaid E023159 S NRP E023159 S NRP 617529582483
M Navy/Red Plaid E023159 M NRP E023159 M NRP 617529582490
L Navy/Red Plaid E023159 L NRP E023159 L NRP 617529582506
XL Navy/Red Plaid E023159 XL NRP E023159 XL NRP 617529582513
XXL Navy/Red Plaid E023159 XXL NRP E023159 XXL NRP 617529582520
XXXL Navy/Red Plaid E023159 XXXL NRP E023159 XXXL NRP 617529582537
XXS Navy/White Check E023159 XXS NWC D101-N-W-C-XXS 0617529583756
XS Navy/White Check E023159 XS NWC D101-N-W-C-XS 0617529583763
S Navy/White Check E023159 S NWC D101-N-W-C-S 0617529583770
M Navy/White Check E023159 M NWC D101-N-W-C-M 0617529583787
L Navy/White Check E023159 L NWC D101-N-W-C-L 0617529583794
XL Navy/White Check E023159 XL NWC D101-N-W-C-XL 0617529583800
XXL Navy/White Check E023159 XXL NWC D101-N-W-C-XXL 0617529583817
XXXL Navy/White Check E023159 XXXL NWC D101-N-W-C-XXXL 0617529583824
XXS Pink/Navy Plaid E023159 XXS PNP D101-P-N-P-XXS 0617529583831
XS Pink/Navy Plaid E023159 XS PNP D101-P-N-P-XS 0617529583848
S Pink/Navy Plaid E023159 S PNP D101-P-N-P-S 0617529583855
M Pink/Navy Plaid E023159 M PNP D101-P-N-P-M 0617529583862
L Pink/Navy Plaid E023159 L PNP D101-P-N-P-L 0617529583879
XL Pink/Navy Plaid E023159 XL PNP D101-P-N-P-XL 0617529583886
XXL Pink/Navy Plaid E023159 XXL PNP D101-P-N-P-XXL 0617529583893
XXXL Pink/Navy Plaid E023159 XXXL PNP D101-P-N-P-XXXL 0617529583909
XXS Berry Orange E023159 XXS ORG D101-1-B/O-XXS 617529584364
XS Berry Orange E023159 XS ORG D101-1-B/O-XS 617529584371
S Berry Orange E023159 S ORG D101-1-B/O-SM 617529584388
M Berry Orange E023159 M ORG D101-1-B/O-MD 617529584395
L Berry Orange E023159 L ORG D101-1-B/O-LG 617529584401
XL Berry Orange E023159 XL ORG D101-1-B/O-XL 617529584418
XXL Berry Orange E023159 XXL ORG D101-1-B/O-XXL 617529584425
XXXL Berry Orange E023159 XXXL ORG D101-1-B/O-XXXL 617529584432
XXS Blue/Petrol Plaid E023159 XXS BLP D101-1-B/P/P-XXS 617529584449
XS Blue/Petrol Plaid E023159 XS BLP D101-1-B/P/P-XS 617529584456
S Blue/Petrol Plaid E023159 S BLP D101-1-B/P/P-SM 617529584463
M Blue/Petrol Plaid E023159 M BLP D101-1-B/P/P-MD 617529584470
L Blue/Petrol Plaid E023159 L BLP D101-1-B/P/P-LG 617529584487
XL Blue/Petrol Plaid E023159 XL BLP D101-1-B/P/P-XL 617529584494
XXL Blue/Petrol Plaid E023159 XXL BLP D101-1-B/P/P-XXL 617529584500
XXXL Blue/Petrol Plaid E023159 XXXL BLP D101-1-B/P/P-XXXL 617529584517
XXS Mocha/Tan Plaid E023159 XXS MOC D101-1-M/T/P-XXS 617529584524
XS Mocha/Tan Plaid E023159 XS MOC D101-1-M/T/P-XS 617529584531
S Mocha/Tan Plaid E023159 S MOC D101-1-M/T/P-SM 617529584548
M Mocha/Tan Plaid E023159 M MOC D101-1-M/T/P-MD 617529584555
L Mocha/Tan Plaid E023159 L MOC D101-1-M/T/P-LG 617529584562
XL Mocha/Tan Plaid E023159 XL MOC D101-1-M/T/P-XL 617529584579
XXL Mocha/Tan Plaid E023159 XXL MOC D101-1-M/T/P-XXL 617529584586
XXXL Mocha/Tan Plaid E023159 XXXL MOC D101-1-M/T/P-XXXL 617529584593
XS Navy/Red Plaid E023159 XS NVRD D101-1-NVYRedPld-XS 0617529585675
S Navy/Red Plaid E023159 S NVRD D101-1-NVYRedPld-SM 0617529585682
M Navy/Red Plaid E023159 M NVRD D101-1-NVYRedPld-MD 0617529585699
L Navy/Red Plaid E023159 L NVRD D101-1-NVYRedPld-LG 0617529585705
XL Navy/Red Plaid E023159 XL NVRD D101-1-NVYRedPld-XL 617529585712
XXL Navy/Red Plaid E023159 XXL NVRD D101-1-NVYRedPld-XXL 0617529585729
XXXL Navy/Red Plaid E023159 XXXL NVRD D101-1-NVYRedPd-XXXL 0617529585736
XS Green/Navy Plaid E023159 XS GNNV D101-1-GrnNVYPld-XS 0617529585590
S Green/Navy Plaid E023159 S GNNV D101-1-GrnNVYPld-SM 617529585606
M Green/Navy Plaid E023159 M GNNV D101-1-GrnNVYPld-MD 617529585613
L Green/Navy Plaid E023159 L GNNV D101-1-GrnNVYPld-LG 617529585620
XL Green/Navy Plaid E023159 XL GNNV D101-1-GrnNVYPld-XL 617529585637
XXL Green/Navy Plaid E023159 XXL GNNV D101-1-GrnNVYPld-XXL 617529585644
XXXL Green/Navy Plaid E023159 XXXL GNNV D101-1-GrnNVYPd-XXXL 617529585651
XXS Brown Blocks E023159 XXS BRNB D101-1TaupeXXS/9 617529589789
XS Brown Blocks E023159 XS BRNB D101-1TaupeXS/11 617529587204
S Brown Blocks E023159 S BRNB D101-1TaupeS/13 617529587211
M Brown Blocks E023159 M BRNB D101-1TaupeM/15 617529587228
L Brown Blocks E023159 L BRNB D101-1TaupeL/18 617529587235
XL Brown Blocks E023159 XL BRNB D101-1TaupeXL/21 617529589796
XXL Brown Blocks E023159 XXL BRNB D101-1TaupeXXL/24 617529589802
XXXL Brown Blocks E023159 XXXL BRNB D101-1TaupeXXXL/27 617529589819
XXS Black/Teal Plaid E023159 XXS BKTEA D101-1Ash TealXXS/9 617529589741
XS Black/Teal Plaid E023159 XS BKTEA D101-1Ash TealXS/11 617529587167
S Black/Teal Plaid E023159 S BKTEA D101-1Ash TealS/13 617529587174
M Black/Teal Plaid E023159 M BKTEA D101-1Ash TealM/15 617529587181
L Black/Teal Plaid E023159 L BKTEA D101-1Ash TealL/18 617529587198
XL Black/Teal Plaid E023159 XL BKTEA D101-1Ash TealXL/21 617529589758
XXL Black/Teal Plaid E023159 XXL BKTEA D101-1Ash TealXXL/24 617529589765
XXXL Black/Teal Plaid E023159 XXXL BKTEA D101-1AshTealXXXL/27 617529589772
XXS Salmon/Navy Plaid E023159 XXS SAL D101-1SalmonXXS/9 0617529588867
XS Salmon/Navy Plaid E023159 XS SAL D101-1SalmonXS/11 0617529588874
S Salmon/Navy Plaid E023159 S SAL D101-1SalmonS/13 0617529588881
M Salmon/Navy Plaid E023159 M SAL D101-1SalmonM/15 0617529588898
L Salmon/Navy Plaid E023159 L SAL D101-1SalmonL/18 0617529588904
XL Salmon/Navy Plaid E023159 XL SAL D101-1SalmonXL/21 0617529588911
XXL Salmon/Navy Plaid E023159 XXL SAL D101-1SalmonXXL/24 0617529588928
XXXL Salmon/Navy Plaid E023159 XXXL SAL D101-1SalmonXXXL/27 0617529588935
XXS Navy/Olive E023159 XXS NVOL D101-1Nvy/OlvXXS/9 0617529588782
XS Navy/Olive E023159 XS NVOL D101-1Nvy/OlvXS/11 0617529588799
S Navy/Olive E023159 S NVOL D101-1Nvy/OlvS/13 0617529588805
M Navy/Olive E023159 M NVOL D101-1Nvy/OlvM/15 0617529588812
L Navy/Olive E023159 L NVOL D101-1Nvy/OlvL/18 0617529588829
XL Navy/Olive E023159 XL NVOL D101-1Nvy/OlvXL/21 0617529588836
XXL Navy/Olive E023159 XXL NVOL D101-1Nvy/OlvXXL/24 0617529588843
XXXL Navy/Olive E023159 XXXL NVOL D101-1Nvy/OlvXXXL/27 0617529588850

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