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Herm Sprenger Snap Prong Dog Collar



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14 Inch


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18 Inch


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20 Inch


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22 Inch


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Product Summary:

Herm Sprenger Snap Prong Dog Collar

The Herm Sprenger prong collar is one of the most recognizable and popular names in obedience training tools. A safe and effective alternative to choker collars, it puts even pressure around the neck, about every half inch, pinching the skin in a band. This collar does not apply direct pressure to the trachea so you can train your dog with little or no tugging, jerking, or pulling. Made of high quality German steel and adjustable size, just add or remove the chrome plated links individually.


  • Interlocking links, each link equipped with two blunt prongs
  • Solid fastener plate
  • Scissor snap
  • Slightly beveled, polished prong tips
  • Easy to increase or decrease size
  • Made in Germany
14"L x ¾"W (2.25mm)
18"L x 1"W (3mm)
20"L x 1"W (3.25mm)
22"L x 1¼"W (3.8mm)

Sizing instructions: Collar should fit snugly just below the dog’s ears. Measure the circumference of dog's neck and add one inch.

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
14 Inch 100205 814 6423H 075562643422
18 Inch 100205 818 6421H 075562642197
20 Inch 100205 820 6425H 075562642593
22 Inch 100205 822 6427H 075562642791

Product Reviews by Customers

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5 / 5
Best prong collar I’ve ever owned.
The overall quality of this product is so much better than anything I’ve ever found in a pet store. It won’t fall apart and the prongs are curved correctly. The only reason I give it 4 Stars is because I’m a bit tough and I wish this prong collar were easier to put on my dog.
May 20, 2018
3 months ago
Great training aid
I purchased this when all other training methods failed to work. I have a 55lb pure muscle American Pit Bull Terrier that I was given. He was never really walked before other than go out to potty, so he pulled EVERYWHERE. I tried all sorts of methods just on a buckle collar. Clicker, "be a tree", "penalty yards", nothing worked. Then tried the gentle leader, he couldn't have cared less about that thing and rubbed his muzzle raw on it. Harness? A little better, but not quite. Finally got this collar and he's been an angel. It's gotten him to listen well enough that I can start training the heel, rather than holding on for dear life and hoping he doesnt manage to trip me and escape. I've taken him out early in the morning (minimal distraction) a few times now on his buckle collar and he will heel and listen when I tell him to not pull.

DO NOT leave this collar on after you finish your training session!! DO fit the collar correctly! It is supposed to sit right behind their ears, if you fit it like a buckle collar, it WILL fall apart, and also won't work as well.
August 10, 2010
This collar is fantastic! It looks a little bit evil, but my dog has no problem with it. She is a tough puller, and it immediately stopped with this collar. Easy to use. Definitely recommend, it does not hurt them!
April 20, 2010
Greatest Ever!
I have my masters degree in dog behhavior, training, and phycology. I have my own dog rehab/traning business and recommend these training collars for most every dog. It is the easiest and most humane way to apply normal dog behavior to get the results humans seek. It does feel like typical mother's corecction and evenly ditributes the weight. I have had rescue dog that had imbedded collars do wonderful with prong collars. Long haired dogs, no problem... they dont break the hair/fur or get tangled. So simple touse. Just a quick pop and release, no constant tension... and trust me you wont need to keep the leash tense with these! Little dogs the do wonders with as well I rescued a Bichon that was abused by his owners... 4 broken legs, broken ribs f/ being kicked down the stairs, and was lit on fire... needless to say, he did not trust any human. It took the rescue group 1 yr just to touch him... then they found me. The micro prong helped him remember what dogs do and understand. 6 months of time, the prong, and knnowledge he passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test... I would never been able to rehabilitate him so soon if not for the aid of this trianig collar. No they should never replace a regular collar... thats why they are called TRAINING collars. They are not safe to leave on an unattended dog becuse they do stick out and can get caught on things like couches and handels. They should also never be on a dog at play esp with other dogs. Another dog can get their claws, pads, teeth, tags, ext stuck on the links and it will feel like the dog is being bitten, so that is not good. Yipes from your dog is protesting to having to lisen and also a I was not expecting it yipe, not pain. The neck is the 2ns strongest part of a dogs body, this collar does not hurt them when used correctly. When properly fitted, you should be able to sit a med hand under it, and it should not be able to slid down the neck very far. If the links touch the ring, its to loose and some links need to be removed. A dog should never be able to slip out when properly fitted. Also it is metal... the links will bend slightly, so bending the prongs out every now and agian will ensure they dont pop out when in use. Never use the command with the pop!!! It is the most commen mistake. It will confuse thee dog and eventully teach it the command is a repremand and you wont get the desired result. Oh and never give up or get frustrated!! Hope this helps... some reviews were completely wrong about this product. I felt somebody who saves and rescues fighting pits (and other dogs), uses this training aid on most all, and in 9 or so months turns them into TDI certified therapy dogs needs to explain why this collar works, and how. Hopefully many will read this, follow through, and help achive balance with dogs as I have and will contiue to do everyday of my life!
March 7, 2010
Works well...BUT
We have a mixed 45 lb. female that will not walk on any other collar. She is well behaved and does not act up when we put this collar on her. However, I would not have paid so much money for this, knowing it would fall apart every other use. The links actually come apart, and now we're desperate to find a rig that works instead of giving up. I love my dog and it is incredibly scary when the prongs fall apart and she's gone, or has the potential to leave. The worst experience was in a Virginia Beach hotel, when this collar fell apart & there was no way we could get her back if she ran away. In a year, it's fallen apart more than once a month.

I WOULD buy this again, but ONLY with a guarantee that it wouldn't fall apart.
August 23, 2009
Immediate Obedience
I'm sold. Just got it from UPS, tore it out of the package and took my pitbull for a walk. Now they vet SAYS she's a pitbull - I say she's half alligator, half sled-dog. Incredible bite, and even better pull, but this collar showed IMMEDIATE obedience. I've tried checking the dog, and that muzzle/collar is a nightmare. It's dangerous and it's not for obedience, or action, it's for REaction. With the muzzle/collar the dog has to already be disobeying and you have to realize it to pull its head "away". You're not getting anything done that way, except shaking a head. This pinch collar is designed to be snug on the neck, and only tightens slightly when the dog leaves the "comfort" zone. So the slightest suggestion of pulling and the collar naturally STARTS to tighten. The dog feels this, and ceases said activity.
The only way a dog could ignore this and "shake" out of this collar, or BREAK the links is for the owner to be an imbecile. The collar is NOT meant to be loose, or the dog can gain momentum. And if you buy a size too large anyway, then the gauge size of the teeth or "prongs" are too thick to influence the animal. The large size is if you own a cougar or a small elephant. The medium is for rotts and mastiffs. The small is for pitt's, labs, boxers, and "medium" sized dogs, and the extra tiny is for punt-able dogs. You may need to purchase a few extra links to properly fit the animal and NOT purposefully choke it, but just because the collar is too tight out of the box doesn't mean you go one size up. The prongs have to match the animal, or else you could buy the large sized collar for a pug and remove the extra links. But then the prongs would be the size of it's head. (I don't know why you'd need a pinch collar for a dog that is scared of your sneeze anyway...)
This collar is amazing. Like I mentioned earlier my dog is a puller. She'll willingly choke herself and cut off her own air supply to get that extra inch on the leash to smell or chase whatever it is that is there. With the pinch collar I could hold the leash by two fingers, and her tail was still wagging the entire walk. A+.
August 5, 2009
Links sporadically Unlink!
On two separate occasions, my dog Curtis (45lb pug-pitt mix) actually shook out of this collar -- and on the streets of NYC you can imagine how scary that is. I definitely would NOT recommend it. The tension in the links is not great enough and easily detach from one another with minimal pressure.
June 22, 2009
GREAT training collar
When I first saw these collars, several years ago, I thought they were inhumane and would never consider putting one on my AmStaff. We now have a large German Shepherd dog, and his trainer strongly suggested the collar for trainer. His previous trainer had also recommended it. Now, I wouldn't trade it for anything. The trainer taught us that the slight 'pinch' mimics the pinch from the dog's mom when correcting it. When our dog sees me pick up the collar, he comes straight to me and sits, knowing we're going to "GO". He will actually try to slip it on before I can get the clasp unhooked. These new updated collars that snap are awesome! Now that our 100 lb. 'baby' is on his way w/ training, I still use it if I'm going in public w/ him and know we're going to be around a lot of people; it still helps both the dog and me --- keeps him alert and from pulling, and maintains my sanity! This is a MUST HAVE collar.
May 31, 2009
Best Colllar
This collar was recommended by our trainer - he told us that the slight pinch by the collar resembles the pinch the mother may give the puppy if he's misbehaving. A choke chain will actually damage their wind pipe if used incorrectly. Please use the springer snap collar instead!! It worked wonders with our large breed when in training. We still use it to walk her years later. It reminds her to heal correctly!!
April 7, 2009
It does work...
This collar is great for a large breed dog that pulls. I would most people would have the common sense not to leave a collar like this on a dog when they are not being walked. I take it off as soon as we hit the door back in the house. The review about being patient is great but a lot of us that have large breed dogs that are around children, walk in a neighborhood with a lot of children or have children in the home don't have a lot of that time to have a dog pull and has to be corrected right away and this is great for that.
November 25, 2008
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I already have one and needed one for my other dog during training.
Bernadette G on Jun 13, 2018
I already have one and needed one for my other dog during training.
Bernadette G on Jun 13, 2018
The poodle pup is wild-hopefully won't have to use for long!
Martha C on Mar 27, 2018
The poodle pup is wild-hopefully won't have to use for long!
Martha C on Mar 27, 2018