Kerrits Ladies Ice Fil Tech Tight

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Product Summary:

Kerrits® Ladies' Ice Fil® Tech Tight

Kerrits' coolest tights—literally! The Ice Fil® fabric converts sweat to air conditioning to cool riders from the bottom up, even when it’s beastly hot, so you can ride through summer in comfort. Even the grip panels are engineered to cool. Breathable, anti-slip Kerrit Sticks™ along the inner leg and seat provide a supple, flexible grip that won’t leave you sweaty.


  • Ice Fil® fabric converts sweat to refrigerant; to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Four-way stretch coverage
  • 2" comfort waistband with belt loops
  • Two convenient low-profile side pockets
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Anti-slip Kerrit Sticks line inner leg and seat providing an equal ratio of stretch, grip, and breathability
  • Wash cold, tumble dry no heat
  • Exclusive Midnight color
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
S Aurora E035797 S AUR 1721266 848522174324
M Cobalt E035797 M COB 1721272 848522187997
XS Black E035797 XS BLK 50163BLK XS 848522034598
S Black E035797 S BLK 50163BLKS 848522034604
M Black E035797 M BLK 50163BLKM 848522034611
L Black E035797 L BLK 50163BLKL 848522034628
XL Black E035797 XL BLK 50163BLKXL 848522034635
XS Tan E035797 XS TAN 50163TANXS 848522054534
S Tan E035797 S TAN 50163TANS 848522054541
M Tan E035797 M TAN 50163TANM 848522054558
L Tan E035797 L TAN 50163TANL 848522054565
XL Tan E035797 XL TAN 50163TANXL 848522054572
1X Black E035797 1X BLK 50163BLK1X 848522065134
2X Black E035797 2X BLK 50163BLK 2X 848522065141
XS Cypress E035797 XS CYP 50163CYPRESSXS 848522116270
1X Cypressress E035797 1X CYP 50163CYPRESS1X 848522116324
XS Obsidian Gray E035797 XS GRY 50163OBSIDIANXS 848522144112
S Obsidian Gray E035797 S GRY 50163OBSIDIANS 848522144105
M Obsidian Gray E035797 M GRY 50163OBSIDIANM 848522144099
L Obsidian Gray E035797 L GRY 50163OBSIDIANL 848522144082
XL Obsidian Gray E035797 XL GRY 50163OBSIDIANXL 848522144075
1X Obsidian Gray E035797 1X GRY 50163OBSIDIAN1X 848522144068
2X Obsidian Gray E035797 2X GRY 50163OBSIDIAN2X 848522143948
XS Indigo E035797 XS IND 50163INDIGOXS 848522144143
S Indigo E035797 S IND 50163INDIGOS 848522144020
M Indigo E035797 M IND 50163INDIGOM 848522144013
L Indigo E035797 L IND 50163INDIGOL 848522144006
XL Indigo E035797 XL IND 50163INDIGOXL 848522143993
1X Indigo E035797 1X IND 50163INDIGO1X 848522143986
2X Indigo E035797 2X IND 50163INDIGO2X 848522143979
XS Walnut Brown E035797 XS WBR 50163WALNUTXS 848522144358
S Walnut Brown E035797 S WBR 50163WALNUTS 848522144235
M Walnut Brown E035797 M WBR 50163WALNUTM 848522144228
L Walnut Brown E035797 L WBR 50163WALNUTL 848522144211
XL Walnut Brown E035797 XL WBR 50163WALNUTXL 848522144204
1X Walnut Brown E035797 1X WBR 50163WALNUT1X 848522144198
2X Walnut Brown E035797 2X WBR 50163WALNUT2X 848522144181
XS Juniper Gray E035797 XS JUN 50163JUNIPERXS 848522144327
S Juniper Gray E035797 S JUN 50163JUNIPERS 848522144310
M Juniper Gray E035797 M JUN 50163JUNIPERM 848522144303
L Juniper Gray E035797 L JUN 50163JUNIPERL 848522144297
XL Juniper Gray E035797 XL JUN 50163JUNIPERXL 848522144280
1X Juniper Gray E035797 1X JUN 50163JUNIPER1X 848522144273
2X Juniper Gray E035797 2X JUN 50163JUNIPER2X 848522144150
1X Raisin Purple E035797 1X RPR 50163RAISIN1X 848522175833
1X Sable Brown E035797 1X SBR 50163SABLE1X 848522174928
1X Shadow Gray E035797 1X SGR 50163SHADOW1X 848522175222
2X Raisin Purple E035797 2X RPR 50163RAISIN2X 848522178551
2X Sable Brown E035797 2X SBR 50163SABLE2X 848522177646
2X Shadow Gray E035797 2X SGR 50163SHADOW2X 848522177943
XL Raisin Purple E035797 XL RPR 50163RAISINXL 848522173112
XL Sable Brown E035797 XL SBR 50163SABLEXL 848522181865
XL Shadow Gray E035797 XL SGR 50163SHADOWXL 848522172504
XS Raisin Purple E035797 XS RPR 50163RAISINXS 848522181551
XS Sable Brown E035797 XS SBR 50163SABLEXS 848522180653
XS Shadow Gray E035797 XS SGR 50163SHADOWXS 848522180950
XL Cypress E035797 XL CYP
1X Tan E035797 1X TAN
2X Tan E035797 2X TAN
S Cypress E035797 S CYP
M Cypress E035797 M CYP
L Cypress E035797 L CYP
S Raisin Purple E035797 S RPR 50163RAISINS 848522174614
M Raisin Purple E035797 M RPR 50163RAISINM 848522177332
L Raisin Purple E035797 L RPR 50163RAISINL 848522180042
S Sable Brown E035797 S SBR 50163SABLES 848522173716
M Sable Brown E035797 M SBR 50163SABLEM 848522176434
L Sable Brown E035797 L SBR 50163SABLEL 848522179152
S Shadow Gray E035797 S SGR 50163SHADOWS 848522174010
M Shadow Gray E035797 M SGR 50163SHADOWM 848522176731
L Shadow Gray E035797 L SGR 50163SHADOWL 848522179459
1X Admiral Blue E035797 1X ADB 50163ADMIRAL1X 848522176120
2X Admiral Blue E035797 2X ADB 50163ADMIRAL2X 848522178841
L Admiral Blue E035797 L ADB 50163ADMIRALL 848522180349
M Admiral Blue E035797 M ADB 50163ADMIRALM 848522177639
S Admiral Blue E035797 S ADB 50163ADMIRALS 848522174911
XL Admiral Blue E035797 XL ADB 50163ADMIRALXL 848522173402
XS Admiral Blue E035797 XS ADB 50163ADMIRALXS 848522181858
1X Spruce Green E035797 1X SPR 50163SPRUCE1X 848522193844
2X Spruce Green E035797 2X SPR 50163SPRUCE2X 848522193851
L Admiral Blue E035797 L SPR 50163SPRUCEL 848522193820
M Spruce Green E035797 M SPR 50163SPRUCEM 848522193813
S Spruce Green E035797 S SPR 50163SPRUCES 848522193806
XL Spruce Green E035797 XL SPR 50163SPRUCEXL 848522193837
XS Spruce Green E035797 XS SPR 50163SPRUCEXS 848522193790
XS Purple E035797 XS PPL 50163HUCKLEBERRYXS 840263314427
S Purple E035797 S PPL 50163HUCKLEBERRYS 840263314434
M Purple E035797 M PPL 50163HUCKLEBERRYM 840263314441
L Purple E035797 L PPL 50163HUCKLEBERRYL 840263314458
XL Purple E035797 XL PPL 50163HUCKLEBERRYXL 840263314465
1X Purple E035797 1X PPL 50163HUCKLEBERRY1X 840263314472
2X Purple E035797 2X PPL 50163HUCKLEBERRY2X 840263314489
XS Ink Blue E035797 XS INK 50163INKXS 848522086528
S Ink Blue E035797 S INK 50163INKS 848522086535
M Ink Blue E035797 M INK 50163INKM 848522086542
L Ink Blue E035797 L INK 50163INKL 848522086559
XL Ink Blue E035797 XL INK 50163INKXL 848522086566
1X Ink Blue E035797 1X INK 50163INK1X 848522086573
2X Ink Blue E035797 2X INK 50163INK2X 848522086580
XS Popcorn E035797 XS PCG 50163PEPPERCORNXS 840263314700
S Popcorn E035797 S PCG 50163PEPPERCORNS 840263314717
M Popcorn E035797 M PCG 50163PEPPERCORNM 840263314724
L Popcorn E035797 L PCG 50163PEPPERCORNL 840263314731
XL Popcorn E035797 XL PCG 50163PEPPERCORNXL 840263314748
1X Popcorn E035797 1X PCG 50163PEPPERCORN1X 840263314755
2X Popcorn E035797 2X PCG 50163PEPPERCORN2X 840263314762
2X Cypress E035797 2X CYP
XS Mahogany E035797 XS MAH 50163MAHOGANYXS 848522172498
S Mahogany E035797 S MAH 50163MAHOGANYS 848522175215
M Mahogany E035797 M MAH 50163MAHOGANYM 848522177936
L Mahogany E035797 L MAH 50163MAHOGANYL 848522180646
XL Mahogany E035797 XL MAH 50163MAHOGANYXL 848522173709
1X Mahogany E035797 1X MAH 50163MAHOGANY1X 848522176427
2X Mahogany E035797 2X MAH 50163MAHOGANY2X 848522179145
1X Lagoon E035797 1X LAG 50163LAGOON1X 840263314540
1X Leather E035797 1X LEA 50163LEATHER1X 840263314618
2X Lagoon E035797 2X LAG 50163LAGOON2X 840263314557
2X Leather E035797 2X LEA 50163LEATHER2X 840263314625
L Lagoon E035797 L LAG 50163LAGOONL 840263314526
L Leather E035797 L LEA 50163LEATHERL 840263314595
M Lagoon E035797 M LAG 50163LAGOONM 840263314519
M Leather E035797 M LEA 50163LEATHERM 840263314588
S Lagoon E035797 S LAG 50163LAGOONS 840263314502
S Leather E035797 S LEA 50163LEATHERS 840263314571
XL Lagoon E035797 XL LAG 50163LAGOONXL 840263314533
XL Leather E035797 XL LEA 50163LEATHERXL 840263314601
XS Lagoon E035797 XS LAG 50163LAGOONXS 840263314496
XS Leather E035797 XS LEA 50163LEATHERXS 840263314564

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.
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