Kerrits Ladies Performance Tight

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Product Summary:

Kerrits Ladies' Performance Tight

These extraordinarily comfortable, super soft, supremely breathable tights are made to ride and built to last with thoughtfully-placed seams that never chafe and always flatter for an unsurpassed fit that’s earned the loyalty of riders across the disciplines for over 25 years.


  • Exclusive Midnight color!
  • Four-way stretch Fabrisuede Tactel® with impeccable shape retention
  • Comfy signature 2” no-roll, lower-in-front waistband
  • No seam contact in the saddle
  • Eco Suede™ knee patches
  • Ride, wash, repeat!
  • Wash cold, tumble dry low
Item Specifications:

91% Polyester, 9% Lycra

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
XS Black E035796 XS BLK 50200BLKXS 848522000012
S Black E035796 SM BLK 50200BLKS 848522000029
S Tan E035796 SM TAN 50200TANS 848522004027
M Black E035796 MD BLK 50200BLKM 848522000005
M Tan E035796 MD TAN 50200TANM 848522004034
L Black E035796 LG BLK 50200BLKL 848522000036
L Tan E035796 LG TAN 50200TANL 848522004041
XL Black E035796 XL BLK 50200BLKXL 848522000043
1X Black E035796 1XX BLK 50200BLK1X 848522039128
2X Tan E035796 2XX TAN 50200TAN2X 848522039159
XL Poppy HT E035796 XL POP 50200POPPYHTXL 848522117505
XS Harbor Blue E035796 XS HBL 50200HARBORXS 848522144723
S Harbor Blue E035796 SM HBL 50200HARBORS 848522144730
M Harbor Blue E035796 MD HBL 50200HARBORM 848522144747
L Harbor Blue E035796 LG HBL 50200HARBORL 848522144754
XL Harbor Blue E035796 XL HBL 50200HARBORXL 848522144761
1X Harbor Blue E035796 1XX HBL 50200HARBOR1X 848522144778
2X Harbor Blue E035796 2XX HBL 50200HARBOR2X 848522144921
XS Juniper Blue E035796 XS JBL 50200JUNIPERXS 848522144785
S Juniper Blue E035796 SM JBL 50200JUNIPERS 848522144662
M Juniper Blue E035796 MD JBL 50200JUNIPERM 848522144679
L Juniper Blue E035796 LG JBL 50200JUNIPERL 848522144686
XL Juniper Blue E035796 XL JBL 50200JUNIPERXL 848522144693
1X Juniper Blue E035796 1XX JBL 50200JUNIPER1X 848522144709
2X Juniper Blue E035796 2XX JBL 50200JUNIPER2X 848522144716
2X Black E035796 2XX BLK
XS Tan E035796 XS TAN
XL Tan E035796 XL TAN
1X Tan E035796 1XX TAN
XS Poppy HT E035796 XS POP
S Poppy HT E035796 SM POP
M Poppy HT E035796 MD POP
L Poppy HT E035796 LG POP
1X Poppy HT E035796 1XX POP
2X Poppy HT E035796 2XX POP
XS Admiral Blue E035796 XS ABL 50200ADMIRALXS 848522173679
S Admiral Blue E035796 SM ABL 50200ADMIRALS 848522176397
M Admiral Blue E035796 MD ABL 50200ADMIRALM 848522179114
L Admiral Blue E035796 LG ABL 50200ADMIRALL 848522181827
XL Admiral Blue E035796 XL ABL 50200ADMIRALXL 848522174881
1X Admiral Blue E035796 1XX ABL 50200ADMIRAL1X 848522177608
2X Admiral Blue E035796 2XX ABL 50200ADMIRAL2X 848522180318
XS Magenta Purple E035796 XS MPR 50200MAGENTAXS 848522173372
S Magenta Purple E035796 SM MPR 50200MAGENTAS 848522176090
M Magenta Purple E035796 MD MPR 50200MAGENTAM 848522178810
L Magenta Purple E035796 LG MPR 50200MAGENTAL 848522181520
XL Magenta Purple E035796 XL MPR 50200MAGENTAXL 848522174584
1X Magenta Purple E035796 1XX MPR 50200MAGENTA1X 848522177301
2X Magenta Purple E035796 2XX MPR 50200MAGENTA2X 848522180011
XS Seaglass Blue E035796 XS SBL 50200SEAGLASSXS 848522173976
S Seaglass Blue E035796 SM SBL 50200SEAGLASSS 848522176694
M Seaglass Blue E035796 MD SBL 50200SEAGLASSM 848522179411
L Seaglass Blue E035796 LG SBL 50200SEAGLASSL 848522172467
XL Seaglass Blue E035796 XL SBL 50200SEAGLASSXL 848522175185
1X Seaglass Blue E035796 1XX SBL 50200SEAGLASS1X 848522177905
2X Seaglass Blue E035796 2XX SBL 50200SEAGLASS2X 848522180615
1X Black Bloom E035796 1XX BKB 50200BLK/BLKBLM1X 848522193776
1X Blue Bloom E035796 1XX BLB 50200ADM/ADMBLM1X 848522193707
1X Sterling Gray E035796 1XX SGR 50200STERLING1X 848522177011
2X Black Bloom E035796 2XX BKB 50200BLK/BLKBLM2X 848522193783
2X Blue Bloom E035796 2XX BLB 50200ADM/ADMBLM2X 848522193714
2X Sterling Gray E035796 2XX SGR 50200STERLING2X 848522179725
L Black Bloom E035796 LG BKB 50200BLK/BLKBLML 848522193752
L Blue Bloom E035796 LG BLB 50200ADM/ADMBLML 848522193684
L Sterling Gray E035796 LG SGR 50200STERLINGL 848522181230
M Black Bloom E035796 MD BKB 50200BLK/BLKBLMM 848522193745
M Blue Bloom E035796 MD BLB 50200ADM/ADMBLMM 848522193677
M Sterling Gray E035796 MD SGR 50200STERLINGM 848522178520
S Black Bloom E035796 SM BKB 50200BLK/BLKBLMS 848522193738
S Blue Bloom E035796 SM BLB 50200ADM/ADMBLMS 848522193660
S Sterling Gray E035796 SM SGR 50200STERLINGS 848522175802
XL Black Bloom E035796 XL BKB 50200BLK/BLKBLMXL 848522193769
XL Blue Bloom E035796 XL BLB 50200ADM/ADMBLMXL 848522193691
XL Sterling Gray E035796 XL SGR 50200STERLINGXL 848522174294
XS Black Bloom E035796 XS BKB 50200BLK/BLKBLMXS 848522193721
XS Blue Bloom E035796 XS BLB 50200ADM/ADMBLMXS 848522193653
XS Sterling Gray E035796 XS SGR 50200STERLINGXS 848522173082
XS Popcorn Gray E035796 XS PCG 50200PEPPERCORNXS 840263314359
S Popcorn Gray E035796 SM PCG 50200PEPPERCORNS 840263314366
M Popcorn Gray E035796 MD PCG 50200PEPPERCORNM 840263314373
L Popcorn Gray E035796 LG PCG 50200PEPPERCORNL 840263314380
XL Popcorn Gray E035796 XL PCG 50200PEPPERCORNXL 840263314397
1X Popcorn Gray E035796 1XX PCG 50200PEPPERCORN1X 840263314403
2X Popcorn Gray E035796 2XX PCG 50200PEPPERCORN2X 840263314410
XS True Blue E035796 XS TRU 50200TRUE BLUEXS 840263314281
S True Blue E035796 SM TRU 50200TRUE BLUES 840263314298
M True Blue E035796 MD TRU 50200TRUE BLUEM 840263314304
L True Blue E035796 LG TRU 50200TRUE BLUEL 840263314311
XL True Blue E035796 XL TRU 50200TRUE BLUEXL 840263314328
1X True Blue E035796 1XX TRU 50200TRUE BLUE1X 840263314335
2X True Blue E035796 2XX TRU 50200TRUE BLUE2X 840263314342
XS Black/Seaside E035796 XS BKS 50200BLK/SEASDXS 848522188116
S Black/Seaside E035796 SM BKS 50200BLK/SEASDS 848522188123
M Black/Seaside E035796 MD BKS 50200BLK/SEASDM 848522188130
L Black/Seaside E035796 LG BKS 50200BLK/SEASDL 848522188147
XL Black/Seaside E035796 XL BKS 50200BLK/SEASDXL 848522188154
1X Black/Seaside E035796 1XX BKS 50200BLK/SEASD1X 848522188161

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.
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