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MH Sovereign Field Boot

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Product Summary:

Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boots

Traditional and timeless, the Mountain Horse® Sovereign Field Boot offers a more comfortable heels-down position with the exclusive Mountain Horse® Prolaze-Flexnotch™ Technology, spur rest, and exceptional High-Density™ outsole with grip responsive ripple zones for increased performance. Using only premium selected leathers, and incorporating a number of elegant, well-designed details, the Sovereign has its own unique style.


  • Strong and durable full-length YKK® Vislon zipper in back
  • Snap zipper keeper at top of boot with durable hidden elastic alongside
  • Soft premium selected genuine leather lining
  • Spanish cut top
  • 9 sets of eyelets with fixed elastic lacing
  • Removable ergonomically-designed ShockX™ Advanced insole
  • Protective heel cover with snap to safeguard zipper
  • Integrated tempered steel shank for improved stability while riding and walking
  • Includes Mountain Horse® inflatable boot trees and boot bag
Item Specifications:

Full grain leather

Smooth full grain leather

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
10 Reg Black E021788 10R BLK 307121BLK R10 840031365880
10 Reg Brown E021788 10R BRN 307121BRN R10 840031367570
10 Reg Dark Brown E021788 10R DBN 307121DKBRNR10 841095041680
10 RS Black E021788 10RS BLK 307121BLK Q10 841095016206
10 RS Brown E021788 10RS BRN 307121BRN Q10 841095016268
10 RS Dark Brown E021788 10RS DBN
10 Slim Black E021788 10S BLK 307121BLK N10 840031365835
10 Slim Brown E021788 10S BRN 307121BRN N10 840031369796
10 Slim Dark Brown E021788 10S DBN 307121DKBRNN10 841095041536
10 ST Black E021788 10ST BLK 307121BLK O10 840031368195
10 ST Brown E021788 10ST BRN 307121BRN O10 841095017173
10 ST Dark Brown E021788 10ST DBN 307121DKBRNO10 841095041581
10 Tall Black E021788 10T BLK 307121BLK T10 841095064818
10 Tall Brown E021788 10T BRN 307121BRN T10 841095064870
10 Tall Dark Brown E021788 10T DBN 307121DKBRNT10 841095041741
10 Wide Black E021788 10W BLK 307121BLK W10 840031365934
10 Wide Brown E021788 10W BRN 307121BRN W10 840031367624
10 Wide Dark Brown E021788 10W DBN 307121DKBRNW10 841095041796
11 Reg Black E021788 11R BLK 307121BLK R11 840031365897
11 Reg Brown E021788 11R BRN 307121BRN R11 840031367587
11 Reg Dark Brown E021788 11R DBN 307121DKBRNR11 841095041697
11 Tall Black E021788 11T BLK 307121BLK T11 841095064825
11 Tall Brown E021788 11T BRN 307121BRN T11 841095064887
11 Tall Dark Brown E021788 11T DBN 307121DKBRNT11 841095041758
11 Wide Black E021788 11W BLK 307121BLK W11 840031365941
11 Wide Brown E021788 11W BRN E021788 11W BRN
11 Wide Dark Brown E021788 11W DBN 307121DKBRNW11
6 Reg Black E021788 6R BLK 307121BLK R06 840031365842
6 Reg Brown E021788 6R BRN 307121BRN R06 840031367549
6 Reg Dark Brown E021788 6R DBN 307121DKBRNR06 841095041642
6 RS Black E021788 6RS BLK 307121BLK Q06 841095016169
6 RS Brown E021788 6RS BRN 307121BRN Q06 841095016220
6 RS Dark Brown E021788 6RS DBN 307121DKBRNQ06 841095041598
6 Slim Black E021788 6S BLK 307121BLK N06 840031365798
6 Slim Brown E021788 6S BRN 307121BRN N06 840031369758
6 Slim Dark Brown E021788 6S DBN 307121DKBRNN06 841095041499
6 ST Black E021788 6ST BLK 307121BLK O06 841095047965
6 ST Brown E021788 6ST BRN 307121BRN O06 841095047972
6 ST Dark Brown E021788 6ST DBN
6 Tall Black E021788 6T BLK 307121BLK T06 841095064771
6 Tall Brown E021788 6T BRN 307121BRN T06 841095064832
6 Tall Dark Brown E021788 6T DBN 307121DKBRNT06 841095041703
7 Reg Black E021788 7R BLK 307121BLK R07 840031365859
7 Reg Brown E021788 7R BRN 307121BRN R07 840031367556
7 Reg Dark Brown E021788 7R DBN 307121DKBRNR07 841095041659
7 RS Black E021788 7RS BLK 307121BLK Q07 841095016176
7 RS Brown E021788 7RS BRN 307121BRN Q07 841095016237
7 RS Dark Brown E021788 7RS DBN 307121DKBRNQ07 841095041604
7 Slim Black E021788 7S BLK 307121BLK N07 840031365804
7 Slim Brown E021788 7S BRN 307121BRN N07 840031369765
7 Slim Dark Brown E021788 7S DBN 307121DKBRNN07 841095041505
7 ST Black E021788 7ST BLK 307121BLK O07 840031368164
7 ST Brown E021788 7ST BRN 307121BRN O07 841095017142
7 ST Dark Brown E021788 7ST DBN 307121DKBRNO07 841095041550
7 Tall Black E021788 7T BLK 307121BLK T07 841095064788
7 Tall Brown E021788 7T BRN 307121BRN T07 841095064849
7 Tall Dark Brown E021788 7T DBN 307121DKBRNT07 841095041710
7 Wide Black E021788 7W BLK 307121BLK W07 840031365903
7 Wide Brown E021788 7W BRN 307121BRN W07 840031367594
7 Wide Dark Brown E021788 7W DBN 307121DKBRNW07 841095041765
8 Reg Black E021788 8R BLK 307121BLK R08 840031365866
8 Reg Brown E021788 8R BRN 307121BRN R08 840031367631
8 Reg Dark Brown E021788 8R DBN 307121DKBRNR08 841095041666
8 RS Black E021788 8RS BLK 307121BLK Q08 841095016183
8 RS Brown E021788 8RS BRN 307121BRN Q08 841095016244
8 RS Dark Brown E021788 8RS DBN 307121DKBRNQ08 841095041611
8 Slim Black E021788 8S BLK 307121BLK N08 840031365811
8 Slim Brown E021788 8S BRN 307121BRN N08 840031369772
8 Slim Dark Brown E021788 8S DBN 307121DKBRNN08 841095041512
8 ST Black E021788 8ST BLK 307121BLK O08 840031368171
8 ST Brown E021788 8ST BRN 307121BRN O08 841095017159
8 ST Dark Brown E021788 8ST DBN 307121DKBRNO08 841095041567
E021788 8T BLK 307121BLK T08 841095064795
E021788 8T BRN 307121BRN T08 841095064856
8 Tall Dark Brown E021788 8T DBN 307121DKBRNT08 841095041727
8 Wide Black E021788 8W BLK 307121BLK W08 840031365910
8 Wide Brown E021788 8W BRN 307121BRN W08 840031367600
8 Wide Dark Brown E021788 8W DBN 307121DKBRNW08 841095041772
9 Reg Black E021788 9R BLK 307121BLK R09 840031365873
9 Reg Brown E021788 9R BRN 307121BRN R09 840031367563
9 Reg Dark Brown E021788 9R DBN 307121DKBRNR09 841095041673
9 RS Black E021788 9RS BLK 307121BLK Q09 841095016190
9 RS Brown E021788 9RS BRN 307121BRN Q09 841095016251
9 RS Dark Brown E021788 9RS DBN 307121DKBRNQ09 841095041628
9 Slim Black E021788 9S BLK 307121BLK N09 840031365828
9 Slim Brown E021788 9S BRN 307121BRN N09 840031369789
9 Slim Dark Brown E021788 9S DBN 307121DKBRNN09 841095041529
9 ST Black E021788 9ST BLK 307121BLK O09 840031368188
9 ST Brown E021788 9ST BRN 307121BRN O09 841095017166
9 ST Dark Brown E021788 9ST DBN 307121DKBRNO09 841095041574
9 Tall Black E021788 9T BLK 307121BLK T09 841095064801
9 Tall Brown E021788 9T BRN 307121BRN T09 841095064863
9 Tall Dark Brown E021788 9T DBN 307121DKBRNT09 841095041734
9 Wide Black E021788 9W BLK 307121BLK W09 840031365927
9 Wide Brown E021788 9W BRN 307121BRN W09 840031367617
9 Wide Dark Brown E021788 9W DBN 307121DKBRNW09 841095041789

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