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Small Pets

Other Pet Supplies

At KV Supply, we offer many pet products to help you take care of all kinds of pets. For fish, ferrets, birds, hamsters, and more, everything your pet needs to live a happy and healthy life has been hand-selected by our veterinary experts.


A good diet is the best foundation to any pet’s livelihood, and ferrets are no exception. As carnivores, ferrets require a high meat protein diet, and many veterinarians believe that they benefit from taurine, just as cats do. A high-quality dry ferret or kitten food is an excellent choice.

If you’ve adopted a ferret that has been orphaned or rejected by its mother, it will be important to support your fuzzy with a milk replacer. Esbilac has been saving the lives of puppies, ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits for over 50 years. It’s the world's #1 milk replacer, formulated to closely match mother's milk in protein, fat and carbohydrates.

An all-wire cage is your best bet for your ferret's home. It should be at least 24 x 24 x 14 inches high for one ferret, provided the ferret has plenty of play time outside of the cage. Should you adopt multiple ferrets, or if your pet’s play time is more restricted, get as large of a cage as you can afford.


After cats and dogs, birds are the next most popular pet in the United States, but they require a great deal of care and attention. They are complex creatures, and if you take good care of your bird, you will have the opportunity to see what a unique pet it really can be.

Along with food and water, cages, perches, feeders and groomers are all an important part of your bird's care needs. KV Supply offers you the best products that will allow you to give your feathered friend a happy and healthy long life.


There is nothing more relaxing than the tranquility of an aquarium. The movements of a swimming fish have been shown to help lower stress and produce a calming effect on you. While they are easier to care for than some of our larger pet friends, fish need a healthy environment to thrive. We carry the fish products and accessories you need to help ensure your fish tank is the perfect ecosystem for your freshwater and saltwater friends.

Hamsters and Gerbils

Some of the easiest pets to care for, as well as some of the most popular of all small house pets, are gerbils and hamsters. They can be very loving and affectionate pets, and a great starter pet for a child. To help you care for any small pet, we offer a wide variety of food, bedding, cleaning supplies, and even different types of housing, from simple metal cages to multi-level condos with connecting tunnels.