20+ Ideas to Include Your Dog in a Marriage Proposal

Popping the question can be scary, the nerve wracking, will-they-won't-they spins your head and makes you question if it's the right time, the right place, the right way. But sometimes you just have to step back and look for support. Who better than mans' best friend.

1. Ring bearer

A dog is man's best friend, so why not make him ring bearer for the proposal and later the wedding.

2. Sign around neck

You could go for the classic and hang a "Marry Me" sign around their neck

3. Proposal on collar

Why not customize the collar with the proposal or loving words and wishes for your boo.

4. Dog walk to proposal

If you and your one are the outdoorsy type, why not take a hike with the dog to a romantic spot for the perfect proposal

5. Paint proposal on coat

One that's becoming popular is painting the proposal across the dog's coat. Though it may work best with a lighter coat or bright colors.

6. ID for you and me

Present a dog tag for your pooch with contact information for both of you when you present the ring. It shows you want them in not just your life but your dog's as well.

7. Your dog proposes that their dog stay

If you both own a dog incorporate that into the proposal by having your dog invite theirs to stay. Could work for a proposal for marriage or moving in.

8. Dog friendly restaurant

Nothings better than wining and dining at a good, dog friendly restaurant; boo on one side and bud on the other. Perfect time to pop the question.

9. Attach ring to collar

Too shy to present the ring yourself, have your furry friend help by tying the ring to their collar or wrap a ribbon around their neck with the ring on it.

10. Furry friend plays fetch

If your dog is well-trained or you want to take the time to train it, have your furry friend fetch the ring and present it to your one.

11. Send picture with the ring and your dog

It is the age of snapchat so why not surprise your one with a cute pic of the ring with your pup.

12. Doggie jacket with proposal

Have your dog wear the proposal on a stylish doggie jacket or shirt for your boo to read.

13. Puppy proposal

For the boo that's always wanted a bud, try proposing with a puppy.

14. Puppy wake up with ring

If your boo likes to sleep in why not surprise propose and send in the pups with the ring to wake them up.

15. Scavenger hunt

Treasure hunts with your four legged sleuthing companion make for great memories. Especially when the treasure at the end is a diamond ring.

16. Note tied to collar

Send love notes via doggie delivery by tying knot (note) to bud's collar and sending them to the boo.

17. Best dressed wing man

Dress your dog for the occasion. A tie or flower wreath will help set the mood and hint that something romantic is about to go down.

18. Start a family with puppy

Marriage is a big step, children even bigger. Why not compromise with a proposal and a puppy

19. Tie balloons around collar

Popping the question is big occasion so why not go big by tying balloons spelling boos name to the pooch. Be careful that small dogs don't float away with too many balloons.

20. Have bud bring boo to you

Instead of fetching the ring to the boo why not fetch the boo to the ring. The moment they walk in you can drop to one knee and present that ring.

21. Attach a go pro to collar

See your love through your buds eyes and attach a go pro so your furry friend can capture you as you pop the question.

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