Must-Have Livestock Supplies

We have thousands of products to help you care for your livestock in the best way you can.

Livestock Grooming

Proper livestock grooming helps protect animals from parasites, ticks, lice, and unwanted diseases. Some types of animals require more grooming more often than others, and not all types of livestock need to be groomed every single day, but they all need clean living areas to stay happy and disease-free. We offer a full selection of livestock grooming supplies, including shears, shampoos, as well as items specific to showing your animals.

Livestock Basic Nutrition

Nutrition is extremely important to raising cows, sheep, goats, pigs, or any other stock animal. It's crucial to get the right mix of nutrients, including a diet that is rich in protein, fiber, starches, and oils. Cows produce more high-quality milk, beef cattle gain more weight, and sheep yield a higher-quality wool when fed a nutritious diet. Good nutrition is the first step in raising healthy livestock, so check with your veterinarian or local farming organization for more information about the optimal mixes of food to help you achieve your livestock goals. Once you know what your animals need, you can find it all here.

Livestock Equipment

The necessary equipment varies depending on the livestock involved, but it all helps you take care of your animals in the best way possible. Find the basic essentials, from simple water pails and feeders to hoof care and marking equipment.

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